Responsible forestry

SOEX is committed to the community and to the environment; this is why we are certified in the chain of custody by the FSCĀ®. Forest certification ensures sustainability in tropical forest exploitation, which benefits the environmental balance, the life of our communities, and that of our future generations.

The FSCĀ® label guarantees that forest products are made with wood that comes from verified sources that are responsible for the sustainability of natural resources.

The origin of the transformation process begins with the forest operations that deal with the selection of trees that meet the standards of sustainable use.

The goal is to allow the forest to regenerate itself naturally; therefore each tree is marked with a specific number in order to identify it during its transport to the sawmill, where it is converted into sawn lumber.

Once again, identification is placed in sawn lumber in order to follow it up during transport to our processing plant.

Complete tracking and monitoring is done during the process of transformation until delivery.

Through this control process denominated chain of custody, the origin of wood can be clearly identified from the moment it leaves the forest.

Forest certification guarantees that the wood we use comes from well managed forests, which provide employment opportunities in a sustainable manner throughout the production chain, respecting the rights of workers and indigenous people as well as reducing the environmental impact of forestry operations.

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